Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Fiancee Francie Frane Smile During Sunday Putt-Putt Date

Duane "Dog" Chapman has got to step it up if he wants to beat fiancée Francie Frane on the golf course — the mini-golf course that is! The Dog the Bounty Hunter star and his future wife spent their Sunday having some fun on the green, and the friendly competition put a huge smile on both their faces. Frane shared a photo from their outing, in which the couple smiles for the camera while posing with their clubs."

"A little putt-putt on a beautiful Sunday!" Frane captioned the picture, which shows her looking summery in a light floral kimono and studded boots while Dog rocks a navy blue T-shirt and black pants. The Colorado native threw in for good measure, "Also, I won! Francie: 1 Dog: 0."

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Frane and Chapman met shortly after the reality personality lost wife Beth Chapman to cancer in June 2019. Frane, whose husband died just months earlier after his own cancer battle, commiserated with Chapman when he called looking for her husband to do some landscaping for him in Colorado, and the two soon bonded over their shared grief. In May, the two announced to The Sun that they were engaged.

Frane said at the time of people who thought they had moved on too quickly from their late spouses with one another, "I think too that there's always going to be people who say we did this wrong or we did that wrong or we've moved on too quickly or too fast. But the truth is that both of us have spent three years walking alongside our spouses sick and we know that God brought us together and that's why we don't believe that it's too soon, and because we both have done our share of screaming and crying and asking why. Then for us to come together the way that we did and build this friendship because of what we've been through, that turned into a love story. We don't believe that it's too soon."


The couple even has the blessing of Beth's daughter, Bonnie Chapman, who wrote on social media soon after news of the engagement broke, "Francie is a wonderful woman, as usual no one can replace my mother; but it's okay to let new people in." She continued that because life is "filled with so much sorrow and hurt," it's in times when love is found unexpectedly that people must embrace each other. "For those who claim to know my mother's wishes: please remember that we as a family went through every excruciating and painful detail of what was next," she added. "I had this talk with her, my mother had so much love for my father, she would never want him to be alone. My mom wanted him to be happy no matter what."