Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Fiancee, Francie Frane, Reveals What Attracted Her to the 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star

Francie Frane is sharing what attracts her to fiancé Duane "Dog" Chapman as the Dog the Bounty Hunter couple prepares for their wedding. Ahead of the couple's interview with Dr. Oz during Monday's The Dr. Oz Show, Frane opened up about what makes their relationship so special in a preview shared with PopCulture by ZoCo Productions, LLC.

"Well, everybody makes fun of me because I didn't know who he was when I first met him and I said he needed a haircut which I don't think he does, I love his hair," Frane says when asked about her attraction to the reality star. But what really attracts the Colorado rancher to her future husband is his heart. The two met when Chapman called Frane looking for her husband to hire for some landscaping work, and upon hearing he had passed away from cancer months earlier, opened up about the loss of his own wife, Beth Chapman, in June 2019 due to cancer. That friendship led to a romantic relationship, and the two announced in May they were engaged to be married.

"He is the most kind, gentle, sweet man. When both of us really thought that we weren't going to stand up from our grief, we helped each other up," Frane continues during the preview of Monday's Dr. Oz Show. "He walks alongside me and he has become somebody that I can't live without." Calling Chapman her "rock," the two trade sweet "I love yous" before the clip comes to an end.

Also during Monday's interview, Chapman opens up about Frane's role in her first bounty hunting excursion. "I know she's a hunter. [She] and her two sons have hunted bow hunt, so they track, they look for things that the prey leaves behind. And so she's kind of a natural," Chapman said in the preview, first published by PEOPLE. "She just fit right in. She started getting leads and writing them down, so there's more than just tracking and hunting."

The couple is still planning their wedding, which is made more complicated amid the coronavirus pandemic as they want to "set a record" in attendance with their nuptials. "We are talking about a few different dates and we are starting to plan. It's a little difficult with all of the COVID going on or trying to have more than 20 people in a place," Frane told The Daily Mail this week.