'Double Shot at Love': Snooki Makes Surprise Appearance to Quiz Vinny Guadagnino's Dates in Sneak Peek

If the women of Double Shot at Love want to make it with Vinny Guadagnino, they'll have to pass some pretty strict questioning from Nicole "Snooki" Polozzi first.

In a sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode of the MTV dating show starring Jersey Shore best buds Guadagnino and Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, the Staten Island native brings some of the women vying for his heart back to his hometown, where his former Shore roommate makes a surprise appearance.

Starting off strong by complimenting Maria's breasts, Snooki doesn't waste time getting down to the nitty gritty with the women, telling them "I have a lot more pressing questions. I actually brought a clipboard. I'm gonna go mommy on you."

"Of course you did," Vinny responds to her antics. "Are you serious with this?"

"STDs, anyone?" she asks, looking around the table at the startled and silent women.

"Yeah, actually — answer this one!" Vinny jokes.

While the women are a little thrown off their game by the intimate questioning, they know that if they want to be in a relationship with the Keto Guido, they have to get past his friends' approval.

"Definitely with dating Vinny comes all of his close friends," Elle tells the camera. "Nicole will genuinely need to like me because they are so close. JWoww will need to like me, all of those people. So that's a lot of pressure, because they seem like hard critics."

Snooki's definitely not letting them off easy, next quizzing them on the last time they had sex.

"I'm at a year and a half, so you can put that down," Derynn replies, earning a shocked reaction from Vinny.

"I don't sleep around. I really don't," she explains. "I have to have a connection. I've never had a one night stand, just not my thing."

"Well, I feel like a slut," Snooki responds, laughing herself at the turn of events.

Will any of the women pass the Snooki test of approval?


Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV