'Dog's Most Wanted' Family Shares Hilarious Responses to Wild Car Chase

The season premiere of Dog's Most Wanted saw Leland Chapman pretty upset with his dad, Duane "Dog" Chapman, after Dog and his crew went on a wild car chase of fugitive Willie Boy through the Hawaiian wilderness in Leland's truck.

As Dog and his crew chased Willie — which Dog and Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily called the "craziest s—" she had ever experienced — they apparently did a number on Leland's truck.

While live tweeting Wednesday night's episode, a few members of the Chapman family joked about Leland's truck. "Sorry about your car!" Dog tweeted at Leland with a smiling devil emoji. Leland shared a text conversation fretting about his car after the chaotic chase.

Dog and Beth's daughter Bonnie Chapman also got in on the fun, complaining on Twitter that "of course" the gas tank punctured "right when we [needed] it."

After the chase, in which Willie Boy nearly runs over the crew, Dog still can't manage to capture the fugitive, and even threatened to burn down the house he was hiding in in order to smoke him out. Beth, who came along on the hunt in the midst of her chemotherapy treatments during her cancer battle, lost her patience with one of Willie's friends who would not help the team track him down.

"I have lung cancer and I'm over here traipsing around in f—ing weather for this piece of s—," Beth says. "You can't be trusted. Your word is s—."

The episode ended not with the capture of Willie, but rather the capture of his father. Beth had to leave the scene as they arrested the dad, and as the episode concluded, Dog promised to arrest Willie next.

Dog told the cameras that "working is doing wonders [for Beth]" amid her cancer treatment. "It's keeping her alive so, come on baby let's get 'em."

While the episode focused on the fugitive chase, it also chronicled Beth's final months amid her cancer battle. "If I'm going to die I'm going to die in my booths," she said in a preview for the series.

The episode began with Dog and Beth hearing the news that her cancer was back; then it skipped to January 1, 2019, with Beth telling cameras that she had "incurable lung cancer."

"There's no stage 5... to figure out what you're going to do in the next two years, let alone six months, is challenging of itself," she said, before the show's narrator explained she underwent her first chemotherapy, as well as CBD treatment Jan. 4.

The premiere of Dog's Most Wanted comes over two months after Beth died on June 26 at the age of 51. Her passing pushed the premiere date of the new reality series from its original 2020 release following her death.

"My wife is, was, and always will be the heart and soul of Dog's Most Wanted," Dog said in a statement in July. "Beth wanted nothing more than for the show to go on, and I am so proud of the legacy that she left behind. She lived and died for this show, and she would be so proud of how hard we worked bringing these criminals to justice."


Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.