'Dog's Most Wanted' Star Beth Chapman Reveals 'No Makeup and Morning Hair' Photo, and Fans Love It

Dog's Most Wanted star Beth Chapman recently revealed a "no makeup and morning hair photo, and her fans are loving it.

The reality star shared the image on Twitter, explaining that she was heading to the beach.

Many of her followers have since commented on the post, with the overwhelming majority of them showering her with kind words.

"You're still beautiful no matter what you do with hair or makeup!!! Keep rocking it @MrsdogC," one fan said. "Continue to fight the battle you will conquer it!!! Much love sista!"

"Still a beautiful woman with or without makeup life is all the beauty on the inside," another person said.

"OMG You are so flippin pretty! Love you @MrsdogC wishing you the best hun God Bless you," someone else exclaimed.

"You're so beautiful inside and out lady you got this with God your strength and courage your family and fans you're going to beat cancer's butt I have you in my prayers," one other fan tweeted back.

While Chapman opted to go with a more natural look, her daughter Bonnie recently debuted a beautiful rainbow-eye for Pride month.


Bonnie, who came out as pansexual earlier this year, posted a photo on her Instagram last week, showing off her epic multi-colored eye-liner style.

Many of her followers gushed over her look as well, with one saying, "You are amazing and so beautiful! Always have been inspired by your family. So glad you have the support around you and I'm definitely in your corner cheering. Much love from Colorado."