'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Duane 'Dog' Chapman Reveals Cancer Scare

While things have generally been going well for reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman he just recounted the details of a recent cancer scare. In an interview with The Sun on Tuesday, Chapman confessed to finding a spot on his head that a doctor revealed to be cancer, though it proved to be a fairly simple procedure to have it removed.

"It's like a skin sore," Chapman said. "So I had one on the nose removed leaving eight stitches and one on the forehead, which needed 10 stitches. So I got it done. The good news is I'm not dying." While the procedure was simple, it turned out that the aftermath proved uniquely challenging for the Dog the Bounty Hunter star. Specifically, the simple task of trying to find his car, which left him feeling completely overwhelmed.

"I go out to the parking lot and it's snowing. Now I'm from Hawaii, so this cold air is from Satan. So I go out and try to find my vehicle. The surgery was four hours. So in the four hours, the parking lot filled up and there's more cars there than a Saturday night honky-tonk. The wind is blowing my hair straight back and I'm like, 'Oh my God, I hope nobody takes a picture of me out here like this.' And I just couldn't find my car."

"Then it started snowing in my face and it was lying in my eyeballs and I'm half Apache," Chapman continued. "I can't take this. I still couldn't find my car and I remember thinking, 'Man, if a girl was here, if Beth was here or someone was here to help me, I could find it.' So I was really depressed. I felt so alone."

Eventually, Chapman had security help him find his car, but his emotions got the better of him while he was driving home and the anesthetic started to wear off. At that moment, he relied on his faith to help him through the ordeal. "It was still snowing, and so all of a sudden I entered the spirit world and I'm talking to God by myself," he said. "There was a place to pull over right before the train tracks so I got out. Then I took my boot and went all the way around the truck and drew a circle. I'd never done this in my life."


After his prayer, Chapman received a text from Francie France, a widow who'd lost her husband to cancer not long before he'd lost his wife, Beth. As he explains, the two bonded over their shared grief, which eventually blossomed into a relationship.