'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Duane Chapman Surprises Girl Scout Selling Cookies in Colorado

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman might have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to crime, but he has nothing against posing for pictures with Girl Scouts. While on a Safeway grocery store run, the reality television star took a photo with a Girl Scout selling cookies. The cute photo surfaced in the middle of a difficult time for Chapman, whose relationship with Moon Angell became a controversy in his family

On Monday, Millicent Butler Johnston shared a photo of Chapman posing with her daughter and helping her hold a "Last week for cookies" sign. The picture was taken outside the Safeway in Castle Rock, Colorado.

"When Dog just randomly shows up at your girls' Girl Scout cookie booth..." Johnston captioned the photo.

The photo has been shared more than 270 times and racked up more than two dozen comments from fans.

"That's awesome," one wrote.

"Ha! That's so cool," another added. "Love him!"

One person asked Johnston if Chapman bought any cookies. "Well of course," she replied.

Chapman also shared the photo on his official Facebook page.

The adorable moment with Chapman came amid a rocky moment for his family. Earlier this year, Chapman and daughter Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Chapman became estranged over his relationship with Angell, a longtime staffer and friend of Chapman's late wife Beth Chapman. Chapman later told TMZ he and Lyssa are back on speaking terms.

"We're good, she's just one of my crazy daughters," he said. "This is how families do, right? We're like normal families, right? We're all nuts... I don't know about the word dysfunctional, but I think we created it."

Chapman insisted he and Angell's relationship was strictly platonic and they were only good friends. To prove this, he proposed marriage to Angell on The Dr. Oz Show, which he hoped she would decline. She did, and it reportedly resulted in the two rethinking their friendship. Angell moved out of Chapman's home after he asked her to leave, TMZ reported.

Insiders said Chapman thanked Angell for being there after Beth's death. Angell knew his request to move out was coming, and the two are on good terms. However, fans continue to criticize Angell on Twitter. She responded by retweeting several inspirational tweets this past week.

"Everybody wants the TRUTH but nobody wants to be HONEST," one tweet read, while another read, "Not arguing at all in a relationship represents a lack of interest. People who care about one another tend to argue now and again."


Chapman is also in financial trouble, telling The New York Times he is "broke" after Beth's cancer battle. In an effort to raise some funds, Chapman launched a page on Cameo.com, charging fans $200 for a personalized video from the star.

Photo credit: Getty Images