'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Duane Chapman Set to Head Back to Court Over Hawaii Mansion Lawsuit

Duane "Dog" Chapman will have to be back in Hawaii next month thanks to a lawsuit centered on a mansion he shared with his late wife Beth Chapman. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star has allegedly failed to make over $100,000 in payments on the $2.24 million mansion the couple bought from Karen and Craig Mills in 2015. Chapman is scheduled to give a deposition in the case in March.

The Mills filed a lawsuit against the Chapmans on Dec. 26, 2018 for allegedly failing to make payments, reports The Sun.

"As of November 27, 2018, there was an outstanding balance due of $109,328.69 for unpaid monthly payments, and reimbursement for utilities, real property taxes and insurance premiums," the lawsuit read.

The Chapmans "have failed and refused to pay the amounts due" and "refused to vacate the Portlock Property, despite the Plaintiffs demand that they do," the lawsuit claims.

The Mills are seeking damages and asked the Chapmans be ordered to leave the mansion. The Chapmans responded with a counterclaim and new court papers were filed in June 2019 to tell the court about Beth's death from lung cancer.

No settlement was reached during a conference on Feb. 10, so the next step is Chapman's deposition on March 13.

This is not the only financial mess Chapman is in. The Sun also reported that Hawaiian Airlines Elite MasterCard sued Beth's estate for $73,860.55 on Jan. 27. MasterCard also filed a claim on Feb. 11 for an unpaid $1,078.78 bill.

Chapman, 66, serves as the personal representative for his late wife's estate. He is not personally responsible for paying off the debt, but he does have to handle the claims.

In January, The Sun reported Dog owes $5,800.48 in back taxes from 2019 on the Colorado home he shared with Beth.

Chapman told The New York Times last month he is "broke" and could lose his Colorado home. He said he was relying on capturing a Hawaii fugitive, who has a bond of $1.5 million, to help pay off the debt.

While Chapman is struggling with his finances, his family is also divided on his relationship with Moon Angell. Daughter Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Chapman and stepdaughter Cecily Chapman have both spoken out against Angell, while Chapman has insisted there is nothing romantic between the two. Angell was a friend of Beth's and worked for the Chapmans.

While on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this month, Chapman proposed to Angell to prove their relationship was platonic. Angell said no, and was shocked he would ask. Chapman hoped the scene would put any rumors about them to bed.

"I swear on my mama and on Beth that [the Dr. Oz proposal] was not rehearsed," Chapman told Entertainment Tonight. "And you saw Dr. Oz was even like, 'Oh my god.' I knew I was gonna do it way before I done it, and I said, 'This will stop these rumors.'"


Photo credit: Getty Images