'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Duane Chapman Reveals Newest Member of the Family Baby Photo

The Dog the Bounty Hunter family tree continues to sprout new branches. On Wednesday night's episode of Dog's Most Wanted, viewers got to see Duane "Dog" Chapman's great-grandson, Asher, just moments after he was born. The show's Twitter feed posted a GIF of the baby in the arms of his mom, Cheryl, with the caption, "World, meet the newest member of the Chapman family. #DogsMostWanted." The father of Asher is Dakota, who is Dog's grandson, and Dakota's dad is Dog's son, Leland.

Fans flocked to the tweet's mentions with their well-wishes.

"Talk about a legacy. Forget the shows, Dog and Beth created an amazing family," one fan wrote.

"That's beautiful. I hope your whole family heals and finds comfort going forward," another wrote.

A third said, "Congratulations Dakota and the Chapman family on the safe arrival of your newest member god bless."

Asher was actually born on Jan. 25, so matriarch Beth Chapman was alive to meet him. She shared a post on Instagram following his birth in which she wrote, "My first great grand baby he's adorable and he's precious and he came 5 weeks early to meet me. Nothing more beautiful or inspiring than the birth of a new baby A new Generation of Chapmans you will be an amazing father. I'm very proud of you. Congratulations [Leland] on the birth of your first grand baby. It just gets better."

In March, Dakota shared a photo on Instagram of himself and Asher with the caption, "My beautiful son... words can't express how much I love you. You are absolutely precious and perfect in every way your daddy loves you so so so much you have changed my world... nothing more powerful than the mana me and you share as you lay on my chest and we become one."


On Wednesday, he shared another snap of him kissing Asher with the caption, "Who knew such a little person could change your whole world. words can't express what it's like being a father it is truly a gift like non before endless nights, countless hours day in and day out... in the end it's worth it all I love you son."

Fans can catch up with the ever-growing Chapman family every Wednesday night on WGN's Dog's Most Wanted.