Beth Chapman Shows off Scars From Cancer Removal Surgery

Beth Chapman humbly revealed her new outlook on life in 2018 following her public cancer battle last year.

The former Dog the Bounty Hunter cast member was diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in September and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Her journey was filmed and broadcast on A&E in November, when fans watched her emotional battle unfold.

Chapman has been cleared as cancer-free, but she's still coming to terms with the scars the disease left behind. She shared a candid photo on Instagram New Year's Day to show fans her physical battle wounds.

"Embracing the unembracable #newbeginnings #newyear," the 50-year-old wrote in the caption of her portrait. "Prior to my surgery I had no lines no wrinkles… a perfect neck if you will. It has been very hard to look at this in the mirror, it serves as a constant reminder of something I'd love to forget."

Chapman, who normally hides her scars with turtleneck tops, scarves or chokers, gave followers a raw look at her new normal. Though it has been a tough road, she said she is making the most of her journey.

"However some life lessons you should never forget only learn from them and learn to embrace them so today I reveal my worst battle scar and know that things will get better in #2018 #secondchances #DogandBeth #battlescars," she continued, sharing her optimistic outlook in the New Year.

Fans flooded the comment section with messages of love and support for the reality TV family — and some penned similar stories from their own cancer journeys.

"Those are victory scars love!! My momma had them too!! It takes a tough as nails women to wear them and wear them proud and you're doing an awesome job of that," one follower encouraged. Another added, "Beautiful....scars don't define...our souls do. And you have one of the most beautiful & fierce souls I've seen!"

"Look at that scar as a fight you won," one user responded. "You are beautiful."

Chapman and husband Duane "Dog" Chapman shared their experience with fans during the Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives special, which followed them from surgery to remission.

Although Dog revealed after the special that Chapman had been declared cancer-free, she was initially told she had a 50/50 chance of survival. During the two-hour show, Dog broke down when discussing the possibility of losing his longtime partner.

"I believe in that positiveness," he told his wife. "I don't believe in the natural. The supernatural is what I wanna look at."

"We're gonna show the world how she's gonna beat this, OK?" he said. "I couldn't do this OK, that's a tough woman, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The cancer picked on the wrong female."


Since the show aired, the Chapmans have updated fans to assure them the reality TV personality has continued to be on the mend. In fact, optimistic fans are rallying for the family to invite cameras back into their lives for a new reality series in the future.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mrsdog4real