Dog the Bounty Hunter Accused of Assault After Video of Confrontation Released

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has been accused of assault after a confrontation at a Colorado airport on Nov. 30 was captured showing a man confronting Chapman about allegedly shoving the man's son.

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The video, published by The Blast Thursday, shows Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, getting into an elevator at the airport when a man approaches the couple. "You put your hands on my son," the man yells. Another man is heard yelling the n-word and threatening to "beat your a—."

Another man, possibly the first man's son, is heard yelling "Suck my d—" at Chapman.

Chapman is heard yelling back, "Let's go outside, brah." However, Chapman denied this was directed at the men and denied ever putting his hands on anyone at the airport. Sources close to Chapman told The Blast that Chapman was talking to his security when he said, "Let's go outside."

The Blast reports that the incident happened when the Chapmans landed in Colorado. One of the men allegedly told Chapman, "Hey Dog, I got a bounty on my head, what the f— you gonna do about it."

Chapman told the hecklers his wife was ill and in a wheelchair, so he did not want to get into an altercation, sources told the outlet. However, the men allegedly continued to be aggressive and the situation continued to get worse. Just before the video begins, a man allegedly threatened Beth, yelling, "Tell that b— to get out of the chair, I'm gonna cut her in half."

The Chapmans insist they never touched anyone and Chapman is considering filing harassment charges against the men. A Denver Police Department official said Chapman was accused of simple assault, so there is an investigation. However, no one has been arrested yet.

The Chapmans said they are the victims in the case and The Blast's sources believe the video they published backs up their side of the story.

Duane and Beth Chapman were returning to Colorado after Beth had emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after she had trouble breathing. The Blast previously reported that Beth's tests showed her throat cancer has returned and spread. The couple decided to return to their home in Colorado, against doctor's orders, to explore her options or the future.

Chapman told Us Weekly his wife is "not doing good," but the trip to Colorado will help his wife feel more comfortable.

"[We] were met by friends when we landed who brought us home," Chapman explained. "Beth slept for almost an entire day, and she was more comfortable, then she got up and she was trying to do things around the house, trying to do laundry and wash the dishes, I said to her, 'I've done all that, don't worry.'"

Chapman and Beth have been together since 1986 and married in 2006. They co-starred on the original Dog The Bounty Hunter series from 2004 to 2012 and CMT's 2013 revival Dog and Beth: On The Hunt. Last year, they starred in a special about Beth's cancer battle.


Photo credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images