Discovery Announces New Series 'Expedition to the Edge,' a Family's Adventure Through the Northwest Passage (Exclusive)

Discovery is giving viewers an up close and unfiltered look at one family's adventure of a lifetime through the dangerous waters of the Northwest Passage in its new series, Expedition to the Edge, premiering Sunday, Aug. 23 at 9pm ET., PopCulture can announce. Expedition to the Edge will follow the 2018 quest of Captain Clemens Gabriel, who along with his family, including daughters ages 5 and 6, set out to sail through one of the most treacherous nautical sea routes in the world in a perilous 8-month journey that would become this family's greatest adventure.

Located between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic, the passage has only become navigable for most of the year at the decline of Arctic sea ice, but remains a challenging waterway for even the most experienced sailors looking to make the journey. In what was predicted to be a record-breaking warm summer season characterized by smooth sailing for the 23 ships setting out on what was planned as a fun voyage together, things took a turn for the worse and became a life-or-death crisis when the sailors were hit with the coldest season in a quarter century. With 21 of the ships turning back immediately after setting sail from the idyllic Marshall Islands, Gabriel and his family made the shocking decision to press onward.

Expedition to the Edge
(Photo: Discovery)

With all hands forced on deck as they fought for survival in a 40-year-old boat, the crew had to overcome a lack of formal training and financial backing as they worked to overcome obstacles with only elbow grease and ingenuity as they realize there is no one but themselves to rely on. In the end, the crew would catch on camera an epic, emotionally charged journey as they let viewers in on the adventure of a lifetime.

Expedition to the Edge premieres Sunday, Aug. 23 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. The series is produced for Discovery by Best Production Company and All3Media America. The series is executive produced by Jeff Garcia and Kevin Bartel (Best Production Company), Tim Pastore (All3Media America), Kyle Wheeler (Discovery), and Nico Edwards and Jennifer Tocquigny,
co-executive produced by Tim Beers and produced by Ethan Galvin (Discovery).