Did Vinny Guadagnino Cheat on His Girlfriend During 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation'?

Did Vinny Guagadnino fall victim to the Jersey Shore Family Vacation relationship curse?

The Jersey Shore reboot has largely revolved around Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's alleged infidelities against his baby mama Jen Harley earlier in the season, but Vinny may have also strayed from his girlfriend Elicea Shyann, with whom he is no longer together.

While at the Miami club with Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in Thursday's episode, after a bottle of liquor, Vinny's behavior starts to go down the wrong path, with him calling women at the club "beautiful" and getting all too close to the bottle service servers.

The Situation, now sober, is watching the whole scene go down, and is nervous for his friend.

"I start thinking to myself, my boy Vinny needs be careful, because when you're going a little too hard, the next thing you know, you get, 'Do I have a girl?'" he said, adding, "Dude, you're playing with fire and you're gonna get burnt."

After more drinking, Vinny's behavior escalates, with him even taking down the phone numbers of two women.

"Right now, the struggle is real for Vinny," The Situation tells the cameras. "He loves his girl, but after a couple bottles of alcohol, he also loves this girl that we're talking to. Go figure."

"I think my man Vinny is gonna need Jesus tonight if he wants to stay with his girlfriend," Pauly D chimes in.

Luckily for Vinny, before things go any further, his sober chaperon, The Situation, pulls him out of the club before he can make a "Ronnie-sized mistake."

The next day, Vinny is definitely feeling the effects of going so hard the night before. And when he realizes what he did, he knows he has to "pay the piper" and call his girlfriend.

She is not taking his excuses, and seems very unhappy with his admission of wrong. "I'm getting charged for murder right now, meanwhile all I did was give someone a paper cut," he tells the cameras of his relationship crimes.

During the show, Vinny tweeted a further explanation of his actions, saying the number-getting was part of a larger plan to party with the whole gang.

Shortly after filming was over, the couple did go their separate ways, but Vinny told Entertainment Tonight prior to the season premiere that it wasn't his actions on the show that ended up splitting them.

"Slightly," he said when asked if the show affected the relationship. "But there was problems beforehand…[the show] is the type of thing that could really be the straw that breaks the camel's back," he added. "Not because I'm out there doing anything, you don't talk to the person for a month because you don't have a cell phone, you don't have a TV… you don't have communication so, you're like calling them every other day… On the duck phone! You can't even hear them," he said. "Plus, we had a long distance relationship; she's from California, I'm from New York, which can already be impossible for somebody…so a lot of things just made us feel like listen this can't happen right now, maybe down the line."

"I will say that being in a relationship was kinda tough, like, to be in a club every single night… alcohol every single night, I didn't do anything but like being in a position and then you know talking on the phone and, you know, explaining like I was in a club until 6 in the morning every night… that gets a little sticky," he said. "I know that I did the right thing and that's all that matters."


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