Did 'The Bachelorette' Just Spoil Who Will Get 'Engaged' to Hannah B.?

Season 15 of The Bachelorette just got started with Hannah Brown leading the way, but did The Bachelorette Twitter page just spoil who may be getting down on one knee this time around?

During Monday night's two-hour season premiere, Brown was introduced to 30 different bachelors ready to compete for her heart, but one in particular came out roaring.

Luke P. popped out from the limo sunroof with a big jungle style roar, only to have Brown respond with her beastly growl as well. As a result, The Bachelorette Twitter page tweeted a GIF of the introduction and their caption has fans second guessing whether the season ending just got spoiled or not.

In that title it includes the word "engaged" in it which has fans excited and wondering if Luke will be the one who gets to put a ring on it.

Luke not only made quite the first impression, but he was also the first guy to get one-on-one time with Brown, he received the first impression rose and he was one of three guys who got a first kiss that night. Then, to top it off, their official Twitter page tweeted that — it only seems like the odds are strongly in Luke's favor.

The eventful night also included other first impressions that weren't the best. One bachelor wasn't really a bachelor after all when former Season 23 Bachelor contestants Demi and Katie made a quick appearance to tell their gal pal about his relationship status. Demi said she received a social media message about Scott and that he potentially had a girlfriend, so she and Katie relayed that information to Brown and she handled it immediately. After Scott admitted that he spoke to this girl just days prior to meeting Brown, her jaw dropped and she quickly sent him on his way.

Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other men in the house who have girlfriends, so it looks like everyone who's chosen will stay to compete.

Usually, it's the contestants that trend on social media, but this time Chris Harrison was heavily talked about when someone tweeted the idea that there's potentially sparks between Brown and Harrison! Some fans are convinced Harrison is "in love" with Brown.

Harrison did admit before the season premiere that he was "skeptical" about Brown being The Bachelorette, but then quickly realized she was the one — for the job that is.

"Whoever was skeptical after the After the Final Rose special and was scared: I was in that boat. I was scared to death!" Harrison said. "I left that special thinking, 'Oh dear Lord, did we just make a huge mistake?' After night one — actually about an hour into filming that first night — I realized: this was the woman. This was Hannah. She came in firing on all cylinders, controlled the situation, was funny, sweet, powerful and all the things that we knew she was."


Harrison is currently believed to be dating Entertainment Tonight producer Lauren Zima after the pair made their red carpet debut back in January.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.