'Married at First Sight': Keith Makes Confession About Marriage to Iris in Exclusive Clip


'Married at First Sight': Keith Makes Confession About Marriage to Iris in Exclusive Clip

'The Bachelorette' Fans Think Hannah B. and Chris Harrison Have Chemistry and Should End up Together

The 15th season of The Bachelorette is underway at ABC, and fans can't wait to find out which of Hannah Brown's suitors will walk away with her heart. Speculation is rife, but it seems some think the reality TV star should expand her horizons to someone not currently in the running.

During Monday's episode of the show, several Twitter users noted some undeniable chemistry between Brown and The Bachelorette host Chris B. Harrison. One viewer even joked someone should "get them a room." Others pointed out several Bachelorette firsts that could indicate sparks flying between the former pageant queen and Harrison — you know, if he wasn't in a relationship.

This isn't the first episode where Bachelor Nation has observed palpable chemistry between the two. It all started with The Bachelorette Season 15 premiere, during which several viewers noted that they appeared "in love."

Harrison hasn't been shy about singing Brown's praises, though he did admit in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he was initially skeptical about her being The Bachelorette. The ABC television personality said he quickly realized she was the one — for the show, that is.

"Whoever was skeptical after the After the Final Rose special and was scared: I was in that boat. I was scared to death! I left that special thinking, 'Oh dear Lord, did we just make a huge mistake?'," he revealed. "After night one — actually about an hour into filming that first night — I realized: this was the woman. This was Hannah. She came in firing on all cylinders, controlled the situation, was funny, sweet, powerful and all the things that we knew she was."

Harrison is currently believed to be dating Entertainment Tonight producer Lauren Zima, according to PEOPLE. The pair made their red carpet debut in January at a pre-Screen Actor's Guild Awards party.

The Bachelorette host was previously married to Gwen Harrison. According to PEOPLE the pair were high school sweethearts. They share two children, Joshua and Taylor, together. Chris and Gwen announced plans to divorce in 2012, after 18 years of marriage.


Neither Chris, nor Brown, has addressed speculation about their romantic interest in one another at this stage. They likely will not, as Brown's quest for love on The Bachelorette is only just beginning.

The Bachelorette airs a new episode every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. You'll just have to tune in and rate the chemistry for yourself.