'Deadliest Catch' Crew Pulls Major Prank on Captain Sig Hansen

Captain Sig Hansen was in for a major shock during Tuesday's episode of Deadliest Catch, when his crew decided to put him through the shock of his life with a major prank.

While preparing to pass over the captaining part of his duties on the Northwestern over to brother Edgar, Sig is having trouble letting go. So Edgar decides to prank his brother, cooking up a plan with son-in-law Clark Pederson — who last season asked Sig's daughter Mandy Hansen to marry him.

Pederson admits to the camera about the prank, "I don't want to do it ... but when you're a little man on the totem pole, you kind of got to do what the deck boss says!"

Edgar then sends Pederson to do his part in the plot, and the reluctant fisherman heads to the captain's deck to, as narrator Mike Rowe, "to poke the bear."

Pederson then breaks some news to Sig that leaves the normally mouthy captain without words.

"I just got a text message, Mandy's pregnant!"

Sig, visibly shocked, yells, "Come on! Well, I don't know. I mean...I'm happy. What about school and all this other stuff? She's supposed to be captain on a big boat...I thought she was excited about that?"

Lighting a cigarette, Sig puts Pederson to the test, saying, "You're not messing with me?"

But Pederson, deciding to go a little bit further with it, replies, "I just found out...I'm like, I'm a little bit scared, dude."

Sig, looking resigned at this point, replies, "Yeah...I don't know. I can't tell you guys what to do."

Meanwhile, Edgar and the rest of the crew are eavesdropping on what is going down, trying not to let their laughter give them away.

Pederson then breaks, laughing and explaining his part in the lie to Sig: "I was coaxed into it, I'm sorry, are you pissed at me?" he asks.

Sig then flips out before chasing his son-in-law out of the captain's cabin room, throwing something at him as he bolts before shouting: "Are you serious?! Oh my god, oh my god!"


Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. And don't forget to watch Deadliest Catch: The Bait at 8 p.m. ET prior to the show.

Photo credit: Discovery