David Eason Calls out Fans for Blasting Latest Photos of Jenelle Evans With Daughter

David Eason is blasting Instagram trolls after wife Jenelle Evans' photo with their daughter Ensley allegedly got reported as child pornography.

The Teen Mom 2 star initially took to Instagram to share a number of photos of her cuddling up with her 1-year-old daughter in honor of National Daughter's Day Tuesday.

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#HappyNationalDaughtersDay to this princess for being our little wildflower! Never change babygirl 🌻🎀💋

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"#HappyNationalDaughtersDay to this princess for being our little wildflower! Never change babygirl," she wrote alongside the photos.

Apparently, some users who were either offended by the innocent photos — or just don't like Evans — reported the photos to Instagram, leading Ensley's dad to repost the photos with a less loving caption.

"My beautiful family! Why would you stupid people report these pictures as child pornography?" he captioned the gallery. "F— you Instagram, f— all of you b—es that reported these pictures."

Evans post appears to be back up after Eason's post, so it's unclear what happened on Instagram's end, but people in the comment section of Eason's photo were quick to reassure him that the couple had done nothing wrong.

"People have nothing else better to do with their pitiful lives and would much rather cause problems with you guys and y'alls social media!" one follower wrote. "You two have been down a rough road already and people who judge you daily and bash you and [Jenelle] for being the parents that you are. If all they want to do is create petty problems and have issues with the two of you then they themselves need to UNFOLLOW you both and let you two live your life and raise YOUR children how y'all see fit!! It no concern of anyone's but yet people like to put their nose where it surely isn't wanted or belongs!!"

Another added, "I see nothing wrong with this picture. She should be able to post whatever she wants. People just need to stop judging others. If you don't like what she posts, then unfollow. I see a beautiful little girl with her beautiful mom. I love capturing beautiful moments I have with my little one."

Eason and Evans are definitely not fan favorites of the Teen Mom 2 franchise, having been the subject of numerous scandals over the years, including child abuse allegations from Evans' ex Nathan Griffith, and a homophobic rant by Eason that caused MTV to fire him from the show.

But in this instance, it appears the trolls were simply trying to give them a hard time.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans