'Dancing With the Stars': Sean Spicer Speaks out After Surviving Another Week

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is speaking out after he survived another week of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Despite being one of the worst dancers to take the stage, earning the lowest score of the night, and early calls for him to be axed from the competition altogether, Spicer was the first dancer announced as safe Monday night.

Despite his shock at surviving yet another round, many voiced their support for Spicer and his continued appearance on the dancing competition, stating that they hope to see much more of him in the coming weeks.

"Sean you were a treat to watch - loved to see your face light up and smile because you made me smile too!" one fan wrote. "Lots of work I am sure, but lots of fun to see - thank you for going for it! Signed, one of your voters. HOORAY FOR SEAN!!!"

"Sean, you are fantastic! First season I'm watching AND voting..for YOU and Lindsay and Jenna! Inspiring to us all who've always wanted to dance!" a second added. "Keep going! We're watching!"

"Your smile and laugh are infectious! You are fun to watch (and really brave!). Makes us all want to be brave and get out there and try something new too!" commented another fan.

During this week's episode, Spicer and his pro dance partner Jenna Johnson — who filled in for Lindsay Arnold — performed a Jazz dance to Styx's "Come Sail Away." Showing little improvement over the previous week, he earned a 20/30, which was two points better than last week's 18/30. Although he received the worst scores of the evening, he did not end up in the bottom two and was saved from elimination yet again.

Spicer living to see another day on the stage did not sit well with many, including judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who admitted when speaking with Us Weekly that the former White House press secretary's survival is "frustrating."

"My reaction to Sean being saved, it's frustrating," she told the outlet. "There are really great dancers being sent home, but that is part of our show. It's always been the audience and the judges' perspective. So I'm not — I can't be mad at it, but it's frustrating."

Inaba added that she has "nothing against people that are supporting Sean because they're voting passionately," instead encouraging others to "vote as passionately as the people who support Sean."

During his tenure on Dancing With the Stars, Spicer has certainly generated plenty of support despite his fails on the dance floor. Along with a tweet encouraging from Donald Trump Jr. encouraging his followers to "get on" voting for him, Spicer has also received the backing of President Donald Trump himself.


Currently, Spicer is among the final six contestants, who also include Ally Brooke, Kel Mitchell, Hannah Brown, Lauren Alaina, and James Van Der Beek.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.