'Dancing With the Stars' Judges Table Just Had a Major Malfunction Live on Air

Well, that's something you don't see every day on Dancing With The Stars. Early on in the live finale of Season 28, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba were in for quite the shock when the judges table experienced a malfunction.

The floral arrangement on the judges table just wasn't cooperating as it fell off during the live showing. The scene occurred while the judges were critiquing Lauren Alaina following her dance. After the mishap, she came away with three 9s.

"Gotta love live TV," one user tweeted. "I can't stop laughing after the set flowers collapsed on @DancingABC."

Another user caught the slip-up, posting, "Len's bow tie is knocked crooked and the daggum floral arrangment fell of the judges table... shew! A lot going on."

This wasn't the first time this season the judges have been at the center of a mishap. Carrie Ann Inaba experienced first hand a malfunction of her own as her chair broke live on air.

Host Erin Andrews joked afterwards that that's the fear everyone has when appearing on live television.

"Listen, anything can happen on this show," she said. "My biggest fear is tripping and falling on my dress. It's live TV, it's what we love, right?"

She was in good spirits about the whole thing, though, sharing an Instagram post about the incident.

"Ummm... so THAT happened. #fall. I don't think anyone saw it so Let's just keep it between you and me," Inaba wrote.

The live finale pitted Hannah Brown, Ally Brooke, Kel Mitchell and Lauren Alaina. Heading into Monday's 'last dance', many felt The Bachelorette star was in the best position to win, according to fan polls and oddsmakers.

Prior to the show, last season's winner, Bobby Bones, shared his support for his fellow country industry star. He has been adamantly supporting Alaina before and during the competition.


"She's the only dancer in the finals with no dance experience," he wrote. "So I'm so proud of her for taking this on. And getting to the finals . Now it's time to close the door! Lets bring that mirrorball to Nashville! Lets all vote/text for Lauren tonight."

Dancing With the Stars aired its first season back in 2005. The show will return for its 29th season in 2020.