'Dancing With the Stars' Alum Jana Kramer Reveals How Husband Responded Following Topless Photo Drama

After former Dancing With The Stars contestant Jana Kramer opened up about discovering a topless photo from another woman on husband Mike Caussin's phone, Caussin wrote the One Tree Hill star a heartwarming note about how inspiring she is. Kramer chose to share the note with her fans to avoid sounding like they only complain about their relationship. Earlier this month, Kramer and Caussin emotionally discussed the topless photo episode on their podcast Whine Down.

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On Saturday, Kramer shared a photo of the note. "You inspire me and I am so incredibly proud to be your husband," Caussin wrote, signing it, "Forever yours, Michael."

"Well this was a way nice way to wake up! It’s the little things that make me feel the most loved so waking up to this meant the world," Kramer wrote in the caption. "I also wanted to share this because I feel so often all we do is complain about our partners to our friends etc instead of saying how amazing our partners are."

She continued, "So here’s a shout out to my husband for making me feel loved this morning. It’s the little things like this that goes the long way for me. What is it for u?"

Back on Oct. 7, Kramer told her podcast listeners that she found inappropriate texts on Caussin's Apple Watch, including a topless photo of another woman. Kramer then looked at Caussin's phone, where she noticed he already deleted them. She texted the number back and got an automated response, so she suspected it was a bot. She still confronted Caussin about the texts.

Caussin said he did not want to tell Kramer about the texts because their relationship was in a good place at the time. Caussin cheated on Kramer multiple times in the past, but they renewed their vows in December 2017. Caussin said he had a "sex addiction relapse" last year as well.

"When I looked, I was like God damnit. I saw it and my heart just fell. It's here. It's happened again," Kramer said, notes E! News. "I'm such a f– idiot and I immediately called my best friend and I was just shaking crying outside and then I called the number and then I texted it and it was like, ‘Sorry hun, can't talk on the phone. Do you want me to come over?' and I was just like, ‘You texted my husband. I would love to know your correspondence. Please from one woman to another.'"

Even though Kramer understood the picture was from a bot, she said she needed Caussin to "understand how deep that wound is for me when I discover something, whether he did something or not."

Since the podcast episode was released, Kramer has shared nothing but happy photos of the couple, including an adorable fall photo with their children, Jolie, 3, and Jace, 10 months.


"We learned a big lesson. Sometimes it’s better to share when it’s a scar and not a wound," Kramer wrote on Oct. 14. "Nonetheless we are glad we helped others not feel alone in the great fight of love."

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