'Dancing With the Stars': James Van Der Beek Reveals He and Wife Kimberly Still 'in Repair' After Miscarriage

James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly are taking it one day at a time. The couple has been going through a difficult time since suffering a miscarriage in November. The Dancing With the Stars alum posted a sweet selfie with his beautiful wife and gave fans an update on how they have been doing since the big loss.

"Still in repair," the actor wrote in the caption of the stunning photo. "Discovering that healing happens at its own pace. Not the pace you'd like, and definitely not the pace at which the world keeps on moving... But it happens.

"And there's beauty in allowing yourself to be exactly where you're at," he added. "(Plus, it's not like you really have a choice, anyway [purple heart emoji])."

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Kimberly added a brief message in the comments section, adding to her husband's words with the prayer hands emoji. Fans and friends of the couple took to the comments section to send their own kind words.

"There's no pain like the loss of a child. Sending you good vibes and kind thoughts," one fan wrote.

"And it can be 1 step forward and 2 back with different steps on random days. It's almost a new dance to learn. [red heart emoji]," Another user commented.

"May you both continue to heal with the love that is all-encompassing and surrender your pain in this beautiful energy [red heart emoji] Healing through this precious and painful loss is challenging and raw. I had one miscarriage 19 years ago, the pain and grief was excruciating. Prayers for you and your beautiful wife to be held in love and light," another user commented, relating to the difficult experience.

Van Der Beek revealed the news of his wife's miscarriage in November while competing on Dancing With the Stars. They were expecting their sixth child together. After his elimination from the show, the actor shared in another post they were feeling "wrecked, devastated [and] in shock."

Kimberly later revealed in her own social media post that she underwent a blood transfusion as a result of the miscarriage and almost died.

"Thank you to everyone for all the love. I don't even know how I'm gonna begin to respond to it all, so I think I'll just have to do it here," she wrote. "We lost our baby -- boy, by the way -- and I almost lost my life, which is not a story that has been told. But at some point, I can dig into the details with you guys about what happened in the emergency room."


"I'm not really ready to talk further about everything yet, but at some point, I will," Kimberly added.

The couple shared five kids Olivia, 9, Joshua, 7, Annabel, 5, Emilia, 3, and Gwendolyn, 1.