'Dancing With the Stars' Competitor Immediately Leaves Dancefloor After Routine Due to Sickness

One of the competitors on Dancing With the Stars was forced to leave the dancefloor earlier than usual because of an illness. Following her performance with pro Sasha Farber, Olympian Suni Lee left the dancefloor before she could stand in front of the judges to receive her scores for the night. Both Farber and host Tyra Banks explained that Lee was feeling under the weather and that she was having issues with her stomach. Banks stressed that Lee does not have COVID-19. 

All of the dancers were tasked with performing a routine to one of Queen's hits. Lee and Farber danced the Paso Doble to "We Will Rock You." While the two nailed all of the moves during the routine, Lee made a swift exit as soon as they were done. Farber stuck behind in order to receive criticism and scores from the judges. Banks explained that Lee wasn't feeling well so she left the dancefloor. The host said that Lee did not test positive for COVID-19, later adding that she was going off to take care of her "tummy."

Now that Season 30 is more than halfway over, the competitors were all tasked with performing two routines during Monday's episode. Not only did they have to dance to one of Queen's hits with their partners, but they were also competing in a relay with two other couples. The couples were placed in three groups of three. Within their respective group, the couples had to learn a brief routine and perform a style of dance that they previously tackled in the competition. Due to the fact that she left the stage early following her previous routine, there was speculation that Lee would not be able to compete during the relay. But, she was indeed able to compete and perform her second routine of the night. 


Lee isn't the only member of the DWTS cast who has had to deal with an illness during the competition. Early on in the season, Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby and his partner, Cheryl Burke, tested positive for COVID-19. It was originally unclear whether he would be able to continue on in the show. The two had to quarantine, but they were able to perform a routine from home. After they both recovered following their bouts from the illness, they were able to return to the competition in person.