'Dancing With the Stars': Carrie Ann Inaba Provides Health Update After Last Week's Tumble

For the cast of Dancing with the Stars, last week's Disney theme proved to be an exciting episode to be a part of as many performances went over well with the judges and the first 9s of the season were issued. Even better for the dancers was that no one was sent packing.

On the other end of the table, though, it wasn't as smooth of a night for Carrie Ann Inaba. The judge found herself falling out of her chair while attempting to critique the routine by The Office's Kate Flannery and partner, Pasha Pashkov.

Early on during Monday's episode, Inaba was asked by Erin Andrews how she is doing since the slip-up.

"I am OK, I survived. I'll be OK," Inaba responded.

After last week's show, Inaba went on her Instagram to share a photo of the chair mishap.

"Ummm... so THAT happened. #fall. I don’t think anyone saw it so Let’s just keep it between you and me."

After receiving her scores, Flannery jokingly said to Andrews, "I'm sorry that Carrie Ann fell. I hope she has good insurance."

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Andrews shared that she was caught off guard to see one of the judges take a tumble.

She admitted she always has a fear of slipping on her dress while the show is live.

"Carrie Ann Inaba falling out of her chair, first time in Dancing With the Stars history! We knew something was going to go wrong with those chairs this season. She's fallen before, but she did get up."

"Listen, anything can happen on this show," she added. "My biggest fear is tripping and falling on my dress. It's live TV, it's what we love, right?"

Dancing With The Stars is currently in its sixth week. During Disney week, none of the contestants were sent home. Ally Brooke brought in the show's highest score to date with a 27 after receiving the first 9 of the season.


The season has seen Mary Wilson, Ray Lewis and Lamar Odom all voted off from the show. Lewis was forced to leave the competition after suffering an injury.

Dancing With The Stars airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Next week's episode will feature a Halloween theme as Andrews noted during Monday's show.