'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Shares Emotional Message 1 Year After Spinal Surgery

Abby Lee Miller is looking back on a difficult year physically and emotionally after the Dance Moms star was diagnosed with cancer following emergency spinal surgery a year ago.

Sharing a photo of a massive scar from the surgery snaking down her bare back on Instagram, Miller explained all that she had been through over the past year.

"One year ago today ~ I underwent emergency surgery for an infection in my spine," she began. "This mass/tumor choking my spinal cord turned out to be Burkitt Lymphoma."

Abby Lee Miller surgical scar
(Photo: Instagram/Abby Lee Miller)

She continued of her treatment, "I endured ten rounds of chemo therapy (each lasting 6 days with 4/ 24hr bags pumping poison into my body ending with a spinal tap in 3 spots, plus another shot of Chemo into my tailbone area up the spinal cord around my brain cavity) Ten times!"

After another spinal surgery, Miller revealed she has "one more still to go," even after the intensive physical therapy she's endured.

"I struggled thru months of physical therapy to learn to sit up again, to crawl and maybe with a miracle someday I'll walk," she continued.

It was then that the post pivoted into an angry rant against the doctors she felt failed to treat her before her disease had spiralled out of control.

"Why didn't the ER Doctors on duty do their jobs? I came in twice with the same symptoms?" she asked. "Why didn't somebody listen to me, the patient?"

The reality personality "finally" found the right team that allowed her to "live to tell my story," whom she called "wonderful top notch professionals who continue to help me heal."

But she had harsh words "for those who missed it, misdiagnosed me, and the so-called Federal 'Doctor' who took me off medication cold turkey and the other ER 'Doctor Hollywood' who told me to go home and take it easy for 10 days."

"STOP practicing!" she concluded. "Please."


Dance Moms returns for an all-new season on June 4, only on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Instagram/Abby Lee Miller