'Counting On': Lauren and Josiah Duggar Admit It's 'Very Hard' to 'Praise the Lord' While Grieving Miscarriage

Lauren and Josiah Duggar have been relying on their faith to get them through the grief surrounding their tragic miscarriage, but even the Counting On couple finds itself on shaky ground from time to time.

In Monday's season finale of the TLC show, the newlyweds said they were advised by their families to "praise the Lord even in this time of great loss, to thank God for how good he is through it all"

But Lauren admitted, "Sometimes it's very hard, especially when you see your sisters and they have babies. It's hard to praise the Lord for something like that."

The couple announced in February that they had experienced a miscarriage in October, just weeks after learning they were pregnant with their first child.

"Since the miscarriage, we've been holding up as much as is to be expected," Lauren continued on Monday's finale. "It is a hard thing to go through, and it definitely sped up our only four months of being married to I feel like we've been married over a year now. There's not a day that I don't think about the little one or wake up crying or something, thinking of memories we could have had."

"Feeling your stomach where the little one was," Josiah chimed in. "It was very hard to get back to the daily routine after. It's not just a bounce back thing, and we're getting back to where we need to be and praying to ask the Lord to look down upon us and bless us with another little one."

He added of his new family, "We'd love to be further ahead than where we're at right now, but God has us here right now, so we're just treasuring these moments."

Lauren revealed she got to see a whole new side of her husband in the immediate aftermath of her miscarriage.

"Going through something like a miscarriage has definitely bonded us as a couple," she recalled. "I mean there's times after the miscarriage — I lost so much blood I couldn't walk, so he had to carry me around and do a lot of stuff for me, because I have absolutely no energy."

"I have never seen someone who has served their wife so much," she gushed. "He has taken such good care of me, and it's really shown me that he definitely thinks more about me than himself."


Lauren added tearfully, "And I wish our baby could have seen how wonderful a daddy he is."

Photo credit: Instagram/Josiah and Lauren Duggar