‘Counting On’ Fans Convinced Jana Duggar Has a Love Interest After Anna Duggar’s Latest Photo

There may be love in the air for "Cinderella" Jana Duggar after all.

Fans of the Counting On star are convinced that Duggar has traded in her "Cinderella" status and may finally be courting after Anna Duggar took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 5, to show off the latest milestone for two of the youngest members of the family.

During Bible Time and grandma and grandpa Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's home, her daughter, Makynzie, as well as young Duggar Jordyn, lost teeth, though that was not what captured attention.

(Photo: Instagram / @annaduggar)

While many fans were quick to comment on the strange coincidence of the two youngsters losing teeth at the same time, many more were focusing their attention on the mysterious man in the background, who, according to speculation, could be Duggar's new man.

"Who is the man in the back in the chair????" one person asked. "(Secretly thinking its Jana's new friend)."

"I was going to ask the same question!" another added. "We won't get an answer though."

Currently, the mystery man is just that – a mystery, and so far, there is no direct link to Duggar other than pure speculation. As many others pointed out, the man in the chair may even appear a bit too young for the reality TV star.

At 29-years-old, Duggar is the only Duggar daughter over 18 that hasn't married and moved out. While 21-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar was courted, engaged, married, moved, and became pregnant all within a year, her sister has remained living at home with her parents, helping to care for her younger siblings.

The lack of love in her life and her interest in all things at home has even earned her the nickname the "Cinderella" Duggar, and her social media posts showcasing her love of all things gardening frequently catch her flak from those curious about the lack of romance in her life.

Although it appears that Duggar is still single, she has been at the center of countless courtship rumors, including speculation in 2017 that she and Caleb Williams were a couple, though he later cleared the air by stating outright that "I am not dating Jana Duggar."

As for whether or not Duggar is keeping her fingers crossed for a man, don't hold your breath. During a past episode of Counting On, she stated that she is simply waiting for the right guy to come along.


"It's like this weird in-between stage," she said. "It can be tempting like, 'Oh I really want to be married,' because in those moments you have siblings that are married and have little ones and are going on dates and doing their thing."

"There have been different guys who have come along and asked," she continued. "But they haven't been, I don't know, the right one."