Christie Brinkley Admits Her 'Dancing With the Stars' Injury Is Not Healing 'Fast Enough'

It's been months since Christie Brinkley injured herself during the first week of Dancing With the Stars, and now she's saying that her injury just isn't healing fast enough. Fans will remember she suffered a wrist injury before her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook had to step in to take her place on the reality dance competition. In an interview with PEOPLE Now, she points out that it's been "four months" since she injured herself during rehearsals, and is more than ready for her wrist to be healthy again.

"I'm actually going on Friday," she said in the interview. "I'm going to be getting PRP and manipulation to my shoulder, my wrist and my thumb because it's still healing, but not fast enough. I mean it's been four months!"

PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma, which occurs when medical professionals inject the patients' own platelets into the injured area in order to speed up the healing process. This is something she's done before and isn't hesitant to do. Brinkley was heartbroken and frustrated a few months back not only because she had suffered an injury that prevented her from competing — because she loves to dance — but also because critics thought she may have faked the injury.

Thankfully, her daughter stepped in to take her place — again, something some fans thought may have been rigged or fixed. Sailor says she was on a flight heading to California to go watch her mom compete the first week when Brinkley quickly broke the news to her and proposed the idea that she take her place, all while the plane was about to take off. Sailor admitted that it was too much for her to process so quickly and told her mom she would call her when she landed.


While Sailor made it past the first several weeks as one of the strongest dancers during last season, ultimately, Bachelorette star Hannah Brown took home the mirrorball trophy.

Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin.