'Chrisley Knows Best' Star Todd Chrisley Reflects on Being a 'Better Dad' Ahead of His 50th Birthday

Todd Chrisley has some regrets as he looks back on 50 years of his life.In Tuesday's season finale [...]

Todd Chrisley has some regrets as he looks back on 50 years of his life.

In Tuesday's season finale of Chrisley Knows Best, the Chrisley patriarch took his mom's advice to "make amends" as he thought about his life thus far while preparing to turn half a century old.

"Turning 50 is kicking up some emotions that I haven't dealt with," he admitted, suggesting, "Maybe things I could have done a little bit differently, like with the kids in certain situations."

He decided to give back to his son Chase, 21, and daughter Savannah, also 21, by taking time to make up for time lost throughout the week ahead of his big party.

"As hard as it is for me to say this, I'm getting ready to be 50, and I do feel a little bit of guilt, because when y'all were young, I may have missed some things because I was too busy working."

He continued, "If I wasn't there for everything that mattered to y'all, let me make it up to you now. I want to be a better dad, so I want to spend some time with both of you this week."

It didn't initially strike his kids the right way. "Him getting all sentimental recently is just rubbing me the wrong way," Savannah told the cameras, to which Chase added, "Yeah, I don't trust him."

After a day of racing cars with Chase and riding horses with Savannah, however, the Chrisley kids were appreciative of their father making the effort, both in providing for them when they were younger, and in trying to bond with them when they were older.

"My dad only acts the way he does because he wants to spend time with me, and I realized today how much I want to spend time with him too," Savannah confessed.

At Todd's big birthday bash, the real estate mogul realized how much he meant to his friends and family, regardless of any regrets he might have.

"To listen to what my children have to say about me and listen to my mom, it lets me know that I have played a significant role in their life. And that lets me know that the first 50 years hasn't been wasted."

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