The Chrisleys Try to Spice up Their Marriage on 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Todd and Julie Chrisley aren't letting their romantic spark fizzle.

The Chrisley Knows Best couple went on a weekend-long date in Tuesday's brand new episode of the USA show, trying out their hand at tango while their kids got the housework done.

Todd got the idea to do something special with his wife after she says she is too busy to take a magazine quiz on their sex life.

"I'm not waiting for the retirement home for you and I to get down again," he tells her.

Later, he tells her he's treating her to a weekend of surprise dates to spice thing up.

"After 20 years, things can have the tendency to get stale," he tells her. "I mean, I'm not saying you're stale, I'm saying the situation can get stale."

He continues in a confessional: "We haven't been on a real date in years, so I think we should take full advantage of this weekend of us being off duty."

The first stop on their sensual weekend is a tango class.

"It's supposed to be the sexiest dance you can do," Todd tells Julie before they manage to step all over each other's feet.

"I love that you've gone to all this trouble, but I'm self-conscious and I'm not the best dancer," she says.

"Just treat this like Dirty Dancing and I'm Patrick Swayze," he quips.

After their first date, Julie confides in her kids that she didn't have a good time, saying she'd rather stay home, watch a movie and eat takeout than go on the hot air balloon ride Todd is planning.

When the kids trade this info to their dad for the abdication of some of their chores, Todd is shocked, but does just that.

Walking into a kid-free house with a nice plate of takeout in front of her, Julie is thrilled.

"I love it!" she says.

"The kids clued me in on what she really wanted and we're gonna do exactly that," Todd confesses. "Nothing fancy, just me and you."

Sitting down to a romantic dinner, Julie reminisces on the "best times" they ever had--watching movies in bed in their first condo.

But even though Todd may have taken his date weekend to the extreme, Julie let him know she appreciated his efforts.

"Even though our tango class was not great, we should make an effort to spend more time together," she says.


Chrisley Knows Best will air its Christmas special on Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. ET on USA.

Photo credit: Facebook/Todd Chrisley