The Chrisleys Bumble Their Way Through the Nativity in 'A Very Chrisley Christmas'

The Chrisleys are taking the director's chair in their local Nativity play in A Very Chrisley Christmas, but the job may be more work than they had expected.

Todd and Julie Chrisley decide to step it up in their new Nashville home, volunteering to direct the local kids' Christmas play.

"Since moving to Nashville, we've really been too preoccupied with family to give back to our community," Julie says. "So the nativity play is the perfect opportunity to do that."

Gathering their cast on-stage of the local theater, Julie and Todd realize they may not be cut out to direct a cast of kids, including their own 11-year-old son Grayson and 5-year-old granddaughter Chloe.

When Grayson starts rehearsal by reading the beginning of the Bible's Christmas story, Todd thinks he lacks the energy necessary for the show's narrator.

"Now, I want you to be more enthusiastic," he tells his son. "Now Mary has rode across the desert while pregnant with child, give the woman some credit."

"OK, maybe we underestimated how much work this would be," Todd confesses to Julie, who says she thinks it will all come together with more practice.

"You keep that optimism alive," Todd replies. "God knows one of us needs to."

The couple also finds their set is not coming out the way they hoped. While they had asked their older children Chase and Savannah Chrisley to make them a rustic stable, the two had enlisted Nanny Faye to make a candy cane striped structure with astroturf instead of hay.

"We're making it more modern," Nanny Faye says.

Shocked with how much the trio had managed to screw up the set, Todd confesses: "My kids have a lot of things, but common sense is not one of them."

"They're trying at least," Julie responds.

"Trying my patience," Todd claps back.

Despite actors who didn't know their lines, a case of stage fright for Chloe and an interesting set, the play eventually comes together, and Todd gets big laughs from the crowd by playing the third wise man.

"Despite the rocky road, it's all coming together," Todd says, relieved.

"I was glad that we were able to show our children that when we come together, we can do anything," Julie says.


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