Chip and Joanna Gaines' Recent Announcements Stir Speculation of Filming for New TV Network

While Fixer Upper came to an end on HGTV back in April 2018, giving Chip and Joanna Gaines time to focus on their family and expand their Magnolia business. The couple certainly hasn't stopped hustling and living their best lives, but there are hints that they might be returning to television sooner than expected.

According to a report in Country Living, the couple is prepping the launch of their own network with Discovery and may even be filming new content already. The report runs down all of the clues and evidence that points to movement on the TV for Chip and Joanna.

While reports back in January indicated that no production had started for the couple in Waco, Texas, the new report points out that the couple has been on the move professionally and getting fans excited for what's coming next.

One of the big indicators seems to be the properties that are piling up for the couple.

In just one month, they have bought property to open their coffee shop by the end of 2019, purchased an actual castle, and then followed it with the purchase of the historic Fort House in Waco only a few weeks later.

Cottonland Castle and Fort House are both historic buildings, joining two of the Gaines' vacation rentals as historic properties in their portfolio. Could they be pushing forward with some new renovations that we might see play out on TV in the coming months?

On top of their interesting purchases, Chip Gaines posted on Twitter that they were hiring and putting together their team back in November. Country Living notes that former producer Michael Matsumoto will continue with the new network and even reached out to a producer on social media just on a whim it seems. If anything, stuff is heating up.

The details about the network itself are still vague since its existence was confirmed back in November. Discovery released a statement at the time revealing they were in "exclusive talks" with the super couple, with the pair discussing it soon after on The Tonight Show.

"We signed a non-disclosure and it said — quote unquote — you can tell your mother, but that's it," the couple said during the appearance. "So mom, I just wanted to make a quick announcement, we are coming back to television."

With Discovery looking for the next big thing on their network, you can't blame them for going with Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Magnolia brand is all over at this point, especially with their product line at Target. And there is no shortage of visitors to the location in Waco, Texas.


There is no firm start date for the network launch. If they are indeed on the road to production, Chip Gaines' comments about "six months" could become a reality.

Will fans be ready? Until then, they have plenty of reruns for Fixer Upper to watch on HGTV.