Chelsea Houska Slams Farrah Abraham's Father After He Insults Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is defending her co-star and friend Kailyn Lowry after Farrah Abraham's father commented on Lowry's weight on social media.

After Abraham announced she will be part of a celebrity boxing match this fall, Lowry threw her hat into the ring, saying she'd like to get in on the action. But Abraham's father, Michael Abraham, wrote that he doesn't think Lowry and Abraham will end up fighting each other — nor did he think Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo, who also announced her intention to fight, would square up against his daughter.

"To [sic] bad we won't see Drita fight she is like me... way to [sic] old 'age group' and she is not one to promote anti-hate," Michael tweeted. "And Kail is in a lot higher weight class so that won't happen either lol!"

Houska took to Twitter to defend Lowry against Michael's comment about her weight.

"Yikes. Horrible and low blow thing to say about Kail. Please don't comment on a woman's weight in any way," she responded. Michael responded to Houska's tweet trying to explain his comment.

"Chelsea I have the highest respect for you and your entire family. No it was not meant as low blow towards Kail... it's a realistic statementbacked [sic] by fact that in any fighting event weight classes are real and used as competitive classes," Michael Abraham wrote.

He later wrote, "Chelsea I don't degrade people and I did not do it today. It was all fact about the fighting and yes even the Olympic fighting sports... they all have weight classes and some sports age classes."

Lowry appreciated Houska defending her honor, writing, "Thanks chels!!!" in response. In a separate tweet, she wrote, "Y'all coming for Michael for talking about my weight, thank you. But I'd be willing to drop weight for that fight so it's not a problem. 😂"

It's unclear who will match up against Abraham in her upcoming boxing match, but not for a lack of volunteers. Along with Lowry and D'Avanzo, former 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson, who is trained in kickboxing, said she would also like to go up against Abraham.

Nicholson called out Abraham for doing the event, which Abraham called a "great cause against bullying."


"Really [Farrah] you think you're not a bully? Have you watched any of your episodes? You bully your mom, dad, producers, cast members, & anyone you think is less than you," Nicholson wrote on Instagram. "Why don't you get in the ring with me & try to bully me around and see how that goes."