Chelsea Houska Bashes Ex Over Father's Day Plans on 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea Houska may be happily married to Cole DeBoer, but the Teen Mom 2 cast member still has to deal with her ex, Adam Lind, as the two co-parent daughter Aubree, 8.

On Monday's episode of the MTV reality show, Aubree celebrated Father's Day by going to Lind's house, although she wasn't excited about it as she said all her dad does is "sleep."

In a previous episode, Aubree told her mom that Lind often sleeps when she goes to his house to visit.

"If he's just going to sleep and not do anything with you on Father's Day then you should just come home because I know someone who'd love to something with you on Father's Day," Houska told Aubree.

While Aubree did spend the day at Lind's parents' house, she came home with an "All About My Dad" worksheet she had completed at church. To Houska's surprise, Aubree had filled the sheet out about DeBoer, getting all the answers right, including his age, his job and his favorite food.

"That made me smile," DeBoer told Aubree.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @chelseahouska




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