'Celebrity Big Brother' Sends Third Houseguest Home

Celebrity Big Brother sent another star packing after an eventful Saturday episode.

The latest episode of the CBS reality competition series featured the live veto competition, leading into the third eviction of Season 2. By the end of the episode, the series said goodbye to Joey Lawrence.

With two weeks left before the finale, the episode saw nerves running high after the nomination ceremony. In the beginning, Tom revealed that he hoped to find out who had the secret power, and his plan all along is to evict former NFL player Ricky Williams in the third eviction.

Paranoia over the secret power brought a wedge between the alliance between Green, Lolo Jones, Kato Kaelin and Natalie Eva Marie. After an argument, Green attempted to convince his allies to send Ricky home. Lolo, however, thought that was not a good idea given he had previously agreed to work with them.

Later, Jones admits to Williams that Green might be thinking about backdooring him after the veto meeting. The next day Eva Marie and Williams talk later and decide to secretly break from Green and Kaelin's alliance and go against them should they win the veto.

The football-themed Power of Veto competition, which proved to be challenging even for some of the strongest houseguests, resulted in Eva Marie getting the power of veto.

"This should be interesting," Green said, speculating the women in his alliance might double cross him during the veto. His suspicions were confirmed when in the veto meeting Eva Marie decided to keep the nominations as is to save Ricky from being evicted. Leaving Green feeling like his alliance is "dead."

Eva Marie and Jones later pretended to play dumb so as to keep appearances with the 5 Alliance, with Green choosing not to trust them anymore and Williams plotting his revenge should he have the power next week.

Ahead of the eviction, Lawrence attempted to keep himself safe from being evicted by appealing to Jones, Braxton, Eva Marie and Williams. The wrestler promised not to vote him out in the eviction, proving that alliances can shift quickly in the game.

After the alliance, crumbled the live eviction resulted in Lawrence leaving the house, in a 6-0 vote.

The episode's tension was set during Wednesday's episode when a haunted house-themed Head of Household challenge resulted in comedian Tom Green becoming the new HoH.

Despite debating whether to put Williams on the block to cut a big competitor, Green chose to put Lawrence and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss on the chopping block ahead of Saturday's veto competition.

The episode also revealed singer Tamar Braxton was given the secret Power of the Publicist by viewers, which secures her safety on getting evicted until Feb. 4.

Celebrity Big Brother will air next on Monday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.