Catelynn Lowell Weighs in on 'Teen Mom OG' Co-Star Mackenzie McKee Leaving Her Husband

Teen Mom OG's Mackenzie McKee is caught-up in a bit of drama concerning her relationship status [...]

Teen Mom OG's Mackenzie McKee is caught-up in a bit of drama concerning her relationship status with her husband, Josh McKee, as of late. The drama has even led to her MTV co-stars speaking out about the matter. According to E! News, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has now weighed in on her co-star's apparent relationship qualms.

As Teen Mom OG fans know, McKee previously posted a message on Facebook in which she noted that she was going to "walk away" from her relationship with her husband, whom she accused of having an affair. In a new interview with E! News, Lowell has expressed her concern for her co-star. She told the publication, "I feel bad for her, and I hope she can stay strong during this and make the decisions that she feels like she needs to make for herself and for her kids. It's really hard, what's she's going through. I cannot even imagine." Even though McKee is going through a difficult time right now, Lowell went on to say that she's always there to lend an ear about the situation, as she continued to tell E! News, "I just want her to know that I'm here if she ever needs to talk and that I'm definitely thinking about her."

This whole drama concerning McKee and her husband began earlier this week. The MTV personality took to Facebook to pen a message regarding the situation. In her message, she wrote that she was ready to "walk away" from her marriage after learning that Josh allegedly cheated on her with her cousin. She wrote, "What all went on? [I don't know]. My family will never be the same, and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her." She went on to share that she initially suspected him of having an affair in December, just weeks after her mother died. She also wrote that "people have tried to tell me for years" about Josh's alleged behavior, but that she "just made excuses for him."

On Friday, McKee clarified the situation in a series of tweets. She noted that she did not accuse Josh of physical infidelity. Instead, she claimed that her husband had engaged in an "emotional affair." In her original Facebook post, McKee wrote that she found out that Josh was allegedly texting her cousin upwards of 300 to 600 times each month (he claimed that he was seeking out advice on how to help his wife cope with her mother's passing). On Twitter, she wrote that she was "a bit dramatic on the number of texts," but the fact that Josh hidden them from her was enough to make her walk away.