'Camp Getaway' Stars Nile and Neely Talk the 'Emotional Roller Coaster' of Bravo's New Summer Show (Exclusive)

Camp Getaway ended up being a lot more than s'mores and ziplining for the stars of Bravo's newest summer reality show, Nile Lundgren and Neely Fortune. Ahead of Monday's all-new episode of Camp Getaway, airing at 10 p.m., the activity coordinators opened up to PopCulture.com about their surprising connection and the "intense" season to come.

"Coming in, I couldn’t have imagined what it actually ended up being," Neely said of her experience filming her summer weekends at the camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, Connecticut, catering to adults looking to embrace their inner child. "It was a self-examination process more than I was expecting. ... It was almost a therapeutic process." The former beauty queen continued of the dynamics that formed between the weekend crew members as well as with the guests, "It was an emotional roller coaster. ... We all go through some pretty intense stuff throughout the summer."

Nile came in "open-minded" to meeting new friends this summer as he made the effort to "get back to [his] roots," having gone to school in Kent. But his "jaw was on the ground" when he saw Neely the first weekend, he admitted, as the two had been friendly before through her ex-boyfriend. Neely added of their close relationship early on, "I think I kind of gravitated toward Nile the first few weeks, because he was someone I was already familiar with."

As the two are working to navigate their new positions, both have had run-ins with camp owner and director David Schreiber and senior director Claire Sorrels — with Nile on his second strike after a skinny dipping incident in last week's episode. "I’m on my best behavior right now," he joked to PopCulture.

Working and living so closely with everyone during the weekends, especially while still working full time during the week, definitely can wear on the nerves, Nile confessed, with Neely teasing there is plenty of drama to come through the season with "clashing personalities and leadership styles." Despite that, Camp Getaway also has a ton of heart, with the staff and guests becoming like a "close knit family unit," she reassured. "I had a blast," Nile chimed in. "We were being kids again. Who doesn’t want to do that."

For more of Nile and Neely, as well as the antics of their fellow counselors and staff members, Camp Getaway airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on your favorite Bravo show from PopCulture.com, click here.