'Bringing Up Bates' Star Whitney Bates Gives Baby Update After Son Is Born With Complications in NICU

Just days after welcoming her fourth child, Whitney Bates is providing a health update on her son. Little Jadon Carl Bates, whose name pays homage to his grandfather, made his way into the world on Monday, June 7. After Bates and her husband, Zach Bates, shared the tragic news that their son had been transferred to the NICU shortly after his birth when his oxygen levels began to drop, the Bringing Up Bates star returned to Instagram on Thursday with a health update, revealing the good news to fans that her son is "steadily improving."

Sharing a gallery of images of her son in the NICU, Bates thanks her followers "so much for the many prayers" and for their "words of support and encouragement," adding that she and her husband wanted "to give a quick update on his condition." She went on to share that "last night, little J had a rough night," as his "oxygen levels continued dropping, and his right lung collapsed." According to Bates, Jadon was intubated and put on a ventilator and now "has a little chest tube on the side of his chest for the collapse." Amid the difficult night, the parents "called family and prayed, and thankfully God heard the many prayers going up!"

"Today, Jadon has been steadily improving throughout the day, and he looks so much more peaceful," she shared the positive news. "Watching him struggle to breathe the past couple of days has been so heartbreaking, but now to see the turnaround this morning was a miracle!"

Bates went on to extend her gratitude to East Tennessee Children's Hospital "for all of the work they have poured into our baby boy." She said her family has "been blessed with the kindest doctors and nurses who are always smiling, always willing to take the time to explain every step, and they even stopped to pray with us in the scary moments." Reflecting on the ordeal, she wrote that "times like these really show us how big our God is and how fragile and small we really are." Bates said, "they also make us very grateful for the people God places in our life that encourage us during those difficult times."

"As you continue praying for Jadon, we do ask that you also remember all of the other families here at Children's Hospital that are facing tragedies and difficult times in their lives as well," she concluded her message. "We love you all and grateful for each one of you."


After announcing on Thursday that they had welcomed their fourth child together, the couple shared that little Jadon had been moved to the NICU East Tennessee Children's Hospital after "his O2 levels dropped" shortly after his birth. At the time, the parents said doctors would "continue treatment, running tests, and monitoring until he is strong enough to come home." At this time, no further update regarding Jadon's condition has been provided. The little boy is the couple's fourth child and joins older siblings Khloé Eileen, 19 months, Kaci Lynn, 4, and Bradley Gilvin, 6.