Blac Chyna Blasts Back at Kardashians Over Her Show's Cancellation

Blac Chyna is returning punches to the Kardashians after they filed a motion to discredit her lawsuit against them.

Chyna filed legal action against the famous family alleging they sabotaged her former reality show with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian. She claims Rob, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian orchestrated a plot to kill Rob & Chyna despite solid ratings and forced E! to cancel the show.

When the Kardashians hit back at the 29-year-old, claiming that the show was canceled due to the restraining order Chyna filed against Rob, the former reality lead was fuming, sources told TMZ.

Chyna reportedly thought her ex’s family dealt a low blow by indirectly alleging that she lost her job because she was a victim of domestic violence. In another lawsuit, she alleged that Rob physically abused her, which led her to file for the protective order to keep herself and the couple’s 1-year-old daughter, Dream, safe.

The Kardashians claimed that Rob & Chyna was canceled because the restraining order made it impossible to film the show when Rob was legally prohibited from making contact with Chyna. She, on the other hand, believes the family is placing blame and shaming a victim of abuse.

A source close to the Kardashians told TMZ that the family doesn’t believe Chyna’s claims of abuse because she dropped the restraining order after Rob agreed to pay her $20,000 in monthly child support. They believe that if she actually felt threatened by him, she wouldn’t have dropped the filing for a payout.

Chyna also responded to a lawsuit last week involving an incident in which she assaulted Rob around Christmas last year. She told the judge that any aggressive behavior would have been in defense of herself and others, The Blast reports, citing court documents.

These documents make no mention of another related lawsuit in which Kylie Jenner is suing Chyna for vandalism to pay for the damage to her house. The incident took place in a residence that Jenner was renting to Kardashian at the time and Jenner has valued the damage at $100,000.


Despite the ongoing lawsuit regarding the demise of Rob & Chyna, the reality personality is in talks for a solo show in 2018. The proposed show would feature Chyna’s music career, love life and motherhood with an inevitable load of drama mixed in.

“Nothing is being filmed yet, though, and a network hasn’t been locked in,” a source told Us Weekly. “But there’s a lot of interest in doing her show.”