'Big Brother' Winner Taylor Hale Unites with Women of the Cookout in New Photo

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale has officially joined forces with the women of the Cookout — Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha, and Tiffany Mitchell. Following her history-making win, Taylor hung out with much of the Big Brother 23 cast in Los Angeles. The hangout came after Taylor won the 24th season of Big Brother in historic fashion, beating Monte Taylor in an 8-1 vote. 

On Instagram, Tiffany posted a slideshow that featured herself, Hannah, Azah, and Taylor in a tight embrace. She began her caption for the photo by writing that the photos might not be perfect, but their "love is real so I'm sharing this moment." Tiffany continued to write about the community that all of the Big Brother players find themselves in following their respective seasons. But, for Taylor and the women of the Cookout, they were able to find an extended family thanks to the CBS series. 

"These are my sisters," Tiffany wrote. "It's unexplainable how we can love and consider each other family within heartbeats of a second." She added her congratulations to Taylor, who made history by becoming the first Black woman to win Big Brother. Taylor's win came after she was subjected to both bullying and racism while in the house. Additionally, as Tiffany noted, the win came after two decades worth of Black players being mistreated during their time on the reality series. 

"Year after year we watched our women suffer through racism, colorism, bullyism (it's a word today), and more," Tiffany wrote. "Watching Taylor persevere through attempts to attack her character and her game, was at times challenging and then enlightening. The poise and grace to which she handled these situations is unmatched. Proud is an understatement." She ended her post by writing, "You earned your crown Queen. Now go strut." 

Taylor's historic win came one season after the Cookout women themselves made history. In Big Brother 23, the Cookout's mission was to crown the first Black winner of the series in its storied history. They were able to achieve that very feat when the Cookout managed to make it to the final six during the season. In the end, Xavier Prather walked away with the win and became the first Black winner of the game. Taylor followed the Cookout's lead in Season 24, persevering her way through bullying and racism to reach the final 2 alongside Monte. She won the season after delivering the most powerful speech the series has ever seen and made history multiple times over as she did so. Not only was she the first Black woman to win Big Brother, but she was also the first individual to win the game and nab the America's Favorite Houseguest prize. As a result, she became the richest winner in Big Brother history, walking away with $800,000 (and America's hearts).