'Big Brother' Alums Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans Reveal If They Would Return for All-Star Season

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rumman, aka Tangela, of Big Brother 20 fame, looked back at their season [...]

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rumman, aka Tangela, of Big Brother 20 fame, looked back at their season of Big Brother in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter — and may have even peeked into the future a bit.

The two, who met on the reality series, developed a showmance and now live together, said that while all-star seasons of Big Brother are typically unlikely to happen these days, they'd love to return — on one condition.

"If you're gonna do a returning cast, I like it when it's just all-stars," Crispen said, mentioning that he liked how Big Brother Canada handled its all-star season with half returners and half new players. "It's tough when there's [an uneven] mix of newbies and old players."

"I would do it again, if he did it again," Rummans said, referring to boyfriend Crispen. "He would have to do it with me. I told him if they ask him to do it without me, I'm like, no, he can't do it."

Crispen agreed, saying, "She was the only thing that kept me sane after I started to lose it, so definitely with her."

During their time on the reality competition, the two were part of the Level Six alliance that dominated the game virtually from the alliance's inception.

Rummans told THR that the reason their season was so entertaining was because "They brought back it back to the basics. They didn't have any crazy twists that brought the game to another level of Big Brother. It was a fresh clean slate. That's why it did so well."

As for Crispen, a lifetime super fan of the show, he told the publication that he wasn't surprised when he lost first place to Kaycee Clark.

"I just set myself up too much. I felt good about it, but I felt like I just set myself to get to the end, and I didn't actually do enough to pull it through and win," he said.

The next season of Big Brother will likely air in summer 2019, but before that will be the show's second season of Celebrity Big Brother. Among the celebrities Crispen and Rummans would like to see were AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys, who has been vocal about his love for the competition, and Omarosa, who competed on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Celebrity Big Brother returns for its second season on Monday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. ET. Host Julie Chen-Moonves is set to return, with the cast to be announced at a later date. It's not clear if CBS will renew Big Brother for a 21st season, which would air in the summer of 2019.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @angelarummans