'Big Brother': Jackson's Plan to Evict Christie Intact After Power of Veto

Jackson Michie’s plan of evicting Christie Murphy took a step in the right direction. Having won the Head of Household on Sunday’s episode, Jackson decided to nominate Christie along with her friend and his former Six Shooters teammate, Analyse Talavera. He backed up his big move on Wednesday’s episode by taking him the veto.

This is the third consecutive week that the Head of Household has also won the veto, resulting in complete control for the whole week. Tommy Bracco and Jessica Milagros were the previous two Head of Household’s who went on to win the power of veto.

Jackson’s frustration with Christie goes back to a huge ordeal in the house where the two went toe-to-toe in what eventually became the downfall of their alliance. The two haven’t seen eye-to-eye since the confrontation over a ‘he-said-she-said’ regarding Jackson knowing both Kathyrn Dunn and Holly Allen before coming onto the show.

The episode picked up right where last week’s ended at the nomination ceremony.

“Christie’s my biggest threat,” Jackson told the diary room. “She has a big social game… more so she’s a mental animal. I know she’s coming for me and coming for Holly.”

Christie and Analyse discussed their next steps with Analyse taking the news of her nomination more personally than Christie.

“Surprise, surprise, I’m on the block,” Christie said to the diary room. “Obviously I’m the target. My energy has completely shifted. I have a fire in me. The universe takes care of good people and I’m going to win this veto.”

Before the competition, Tommy pulled Jackson aside to make sure he was still good with him after seeing his two allies nominated.

“You haven’t been disloyal to me so I have no reason to take a shot at you,” Jackson told Tommy, adding that he “loves Tommy.”

Tommy also pulled Nick Maccarone to the side to tell him that Christie and Analyse are beginning to question where his loyal lies. Nick didn’t waste any time getting into a confrontation.

“If you don’t want to trust me, I don’t need you to trust me,” Nick said to Christie and Analyse. “I’ve been nothing but transparent with both of you guys.”

With tensions beginning to rise in the house, the players finally were picked for the veto competition. Jackson drew Cliff Hogg III’s name, Christie drew Nick’s chip and Analyse pulled out Holly’s name.

“The last person I want to be picked is Holly and of course it’s Holly,” Analyse said to the diary room.

The competition called for each player to go back and forth attempting to balance their “sea creature” stuffed animals on a hanging display while also making sure to get back to their buzzer to add more time before it expires.

Nick got off to a good start but hit a rough patch as his pieces kept falling off. Eventually, Jackson found his technique and fended off a late push by Christie to pull out the veto victory.

“I’m not that good at puzzles but I’m good enough to pull out a veto win and I did it when I needed it the most,” Jackson said after his win. “Christie is sitting on the block next to [Analyse] and they ain’t going anywhere so it’s time to follow through with the plan.”


To no surprise, he kept his nominations the same.

Big Brother will air its live eviction episode on CBS at 9 p.m. ET.