'Big Brother' House Divides After Broken Promise on Eviction Night

The relationship between the final four houseguests on Big Brother was put to the test on Thursday's live eviction episode. Having just won the Power of Veto, Jackson Michie had all the power in the house as he controlled the veto ceremony and possessed the only vote on eviction night with two people on the block and Nicole Anthony serving as Head of Household.

With all that power, came some serious decisions needed to be made. Well, at least that was what Cliff Hogg III thought.

A few weeks back, Jackson made an agreement with Cliff and Nicole that they'd be in the final three together. This would mean Jackson would break up his own "showmance" with Holly Allen. What they didn't know though was that Jackson was saying whatever he needed to survive each week. He had no intention of doing so. Holly was always his ride-or-die as he put it.

His decision to use the veto on himself wasn't a big deal, but what happened afterward that caused a commotion in the house.

Jackson, who the week prior blew up Tommy Bracco's game, never had any doubt his vote was going to keep Holly. Yet, Cliff was confident with Jackson's veto win that he too had secured a spot in the final three along with Nicole.

Nicole began growing weary of that idea. It turned out she was right in her intuition and tried to let Cliff know that he was in danger. Cliff was stunned that Jackson told him he was voting to evict him, feeling slighted that he had broken their promise.

The night before the eviction, Cliff approached Jackson to give him an ultimatum. He explained that if he didn't keep him and vote Holly out, Jackson would not get his jury vote or Nicole's if he were to make it the finale.

Jackson took offense as he felt this was a threat. A back-and-forth with Cliff created a tense situation as Jackson couldn't believe Cliff honestly thought that he would vote to evict someone he hopes to date outside of the house.

At the ceremony, Jackson stuck to his guns and voted to eliminate Cliff.

Heading into the final three, Jackson is joined by Holly and Nicole. The three will face-off in a three-part competition where the winner of the first challenge goes to the final leg. The two remaining will compete in the second leg to see who faces the winner of the first event.


Whoever comes out on top in the third competition wins the Head of Household and gets to choose who they want to take to the final two.

Big Brother will return on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.