'Big Brother' Houseguest Nick Maccarone Caught Getting Cozy With Analyse Talavera, Despite Bella Wang Showmance

The Big Brother Season 21 household is getting smaller and smaller as the weeks pass on, but the romances within the BB walls are switching up. Nick Maccarone and Analyse Talavera were caught getting cozy in the Head of Household bed and fans are seriously confused!

Early on in the season, Maccarone developed a showmance with Bella Wang — who was evicted from the house not long after. Their romance developed pretty quickly, to the point where they both said "I love you" to one another. When Wang was sent home, Maccarone told her to make sure and get in touch with his mom, before she exited through the doors. He also cried after she left and repeated over and over how much he loved her.

As for Talavera, she developed a showmance with Jack Matthews — who was evicted last week. While they didn't seem as serious as Wang and Maccarone, they still invested a lot of time and emotion into one another.

It didn't take long for Wang to chime in about the new situation.

Fans seemed to show her a lot of support after what happened.

The entire season up until now, Maccarone and Talavera have been on opposite sides of the house due to being in separate alliances. Talavera was apart of the Six Shooters, which has been divided yet again after viewers from home were allowed to change up the houseguests' games.

Matthews — who was one of the lead organizers of the Six Shooters — stirred up controversy after comments he made regarding Kemi Fakunle and Wang — who was one of the first to get knocked out of the competition. Host of BB, Julie Chen, interviewed Matthews after he walked out of the house and addressed the controversial conversations that fans brought up after watching the live feed.


Instead, fans had mixed reviews on how Chen handled the situation by calling her out for using a derogatory term after Matthews was accused of making racist comments.

Big Brother airs on CBS.