'Big Brother' Cast Just Recreated an Iconic Moment for the Live Feeds

The Big Brother 24 houseguests celebrated an important occasion on Monday, and it's one that fans will be quick to remember. Back on Big Brother 10, Keesha Smith's Aug. 1 birthday became instantly iconic when the house descended into chaos with arguments around every corner. Over a decade later, the Big Brother 24 cast celebrated Michael Bruner's birthday, which also falls on Aug. 1, by recreating the iconic Big Brother 10 birthday scene

At midnight Big Brother time on Monday, the houseguests celebrated Michael's birthday on the live feeds. To make the occasion even more uniquely "Big Brother," they decided to do a recreation of one of the more iconic moments from Keesha's birthday. While everyone gathered in the Head of Household room, Taylor Hale brought in Michael's birthday cake. Just like the Big Brother 10 houseguests, the Big Brother 24 cast struck a somber tone to sing happy birthday. Once they were done, Taylor voiced Libra Thompson's classic line that broke through the awkwardness, saying, "Anybody want cake?" But, unlike in Big Brother 10, when the houseguests resumed arguing after singing happy birthday, the Big Brother 24 contestants broke into cheers after successfully recreating the moment. 

Big Brother 24 began in early July, but it's already been quite the rollercoaster ride. The season began with some of the houseguests displaying some ugly behavior towards one houseguest in particular — Taylor. The situation got so serious that many Big Brother fans and alumni alike took to social media to voice their disapproval over how everything was unfolding. While Taylor, unfortunately, dealt with this ignorant behavior, things have taken a turn for the better thanks to the formation of the Leftovers alliance.

After realizing that they were on the outs, Michael, Taylor, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Matthew "Turner" Turner, Brittany Hoopes, and Kyle Capener formed their own alliance. The Leftovers soon set their sights on Ameerah Jones, who was a part of numerous alliances in the house. The other houseguests assumed that Turner was going to backdoor Taylor, but he shocked them by nominating the Festie Bestie pair of Ameerah and Terrance Higgins. Even though she was already blindsided by her nomination early on in the week, Ameerah still felt safe going into the eviction. But, she, along with the other side of the house, was blindsided when she was evicted on Thursday. Can the Leftovers continue to take control of the house? Fans can tune in to all of the action when Big Brother airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.