'Big Brother' Fans Are Fuming After CBS Delays New Episode Due to Football

After a whirlwind of an episode on Thursday, Big Brother fans are eagerly awaiting to see who [...]

After a whirlwind of an episode on Thursday, Big Brother fans are eagerly awaiting to see who takes the next Head of Household with just a few weeks left in the house.

Unfortunately, fans of the show had to wait a little longer than expected to see the results. CBS announced a delay after its football schedule went a little longer than expected.

The last episode saw the season's pinnacle as two houseguests were sent packing. After Jackson Michie nominated Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy, it was Milagros who was ousted in the first eviction.

Following her departure, the remaining houseguests - minus Jackson as the reigning Head of Household - competed for the all-important HoH. In a surprising outcome, it was Nicole Anthony who reigned supreme, winning her first competition of the season.

Anthony had little time to make a decision, briefly talking with Cliff Hogg III about who wanted to put up. Anthony decided on throwing Christie back on the block next to her best friend, Tommy Bracco. At the veto ceremony, Cliff outlasted Christie in the 'What the Bleep' question game, ensuring that the nominations would stay the same.

After surviving for weeks as a nominee, Christie finally met her fate with the house eliminating her.

With the finale coming up on September 25, the final weeks are sure to feature some big-time moves. Jackson, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy and Holly Allen are the final five houseguests.

Jackson and Holly appear to be in the best position but if Nicole and Cliff can come away with a HoH on Sunday's episode, they could be the ones to deliver the biggest shot of the season in splitting up the power couple. Tommy is without Christie now, meaning he will do all he can to align himself if he doesn't win with whoever comes out victorious in the next challenge.