'Big Brother' Double Eviction Forces Level 6 to Turn on Itself

Big Brother Double Eviction night has sent home Haleigh Broucher and Brett Robinson, finally showing the cracks in Level 6.

In Thursday's episode of the CBS reality show, the dominant alliance was happy to send home the last remnant of FOUTTE/The Hive, Haleigh, who was evicted in a unanimous vote against floater Sam Bledsoe.

That elation was tempered, however, when host Julie Chen announced the remaining houseguests would be pitted against one another in a second live eviction, during which the players would compete in all the challenges of a typical Big Brother week during just one night.

Having only lost Winston Hines throughout the entire game so far, Level 6 knew they were going to have to put one of their alliance members up for possible elimination during the second eviction — a fact that led some of the players to decide where their real loyalties lie.

"I've been nothing but loyal to Level 6, but it could be time for me to take the first shot," Brett Robinson told the camera after Angela Rummans volunteered to go on the Double Eviction block as a pawn for the alliance.

Brett made the mistake of telling Tyler Crispen, who is in a showmance with Angela, what he was planning, however, who immediately told alliance member Kaycee Clark. Together, the two decided that if Tyler or Angela won the Head of Household that night, they would aim to send Brett home.

"This little rebel, just trying to do extraness," Kaycee told the camera. "Brett thinks he's two steps ahead — we are five, six, seven steps ahead!"

When the Double Eviction HOH competition began, the tension was evident even among allies. And when Tyler won the position of power, he decided to play it safe and nominate Sam and JC Mounduix. It was then time for the Power of Veto competition, which pit all the houseguests against one another in the "block and roll" competition.

After dominating the challenge, Level 6's Angela was in charge of the alliance's next strategic move, taking JC off the block and making room for Tyler to nominate Brett for eviction. The blindsided alliance member then was voted out unanimously.

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Photo credit: CBS