'Big Brother': Brent Reacts to Blindside Eviction, Hannah's Brutal Goodbye Message

Big Brother's Brent Champagne was kicked out of the Big Brother house on Thursday's episode and despite the confident showing he gave portraying that he wouldn't be evicted, the player says he wasn't very blind to the blindside eviction. Champagne reveals to US Weekly that he wasn't tipped off regarding the live eviction before filming began, but he still wasn't shocked to see the unanimous results. "It goes back to my beliefs – words of affirmation, law of attraction and putting it out there, making it known to the universe that this is something that I would like," Brent said, referring to his belief that he had the numbers to stay. "Confidence with conviction and having that type of perspective of being like 'this is still a possibility' really does help get through a game like Big Brother." He continued: "as much as I would have loved to have at least one vote, I'm flattered that it was unanimous."

Champagne was a little taken aback by his teammate, Hannah Chaddha's, goodbye message where she called him out for his "arrogance" that sent him packing. "Hannah is very analytical, very reserved, very observant, very cautious," Brent told Us. "She said my arrogance got in the way. We've had a conversation in front of others, Christian [Birkenberger] being one of them, who actually could vouch for it – and it's all on cameras – that she definitely mistakes my confidence for arrogance." He added, "I never rubbed anyone's nose in anything. I never tried to make it seem like I was better than anyone."

As for the one vote, Brent believed that he would've at least had Alyssa Lopez's vote of support considering the two were getting pretty close despite her building another relationship with Christian. "If they were, good for them," Brent said, reacting to the knowledge that Lopez and Christian were kissing behind closed doors. "They were all over each other, and she was so upset that everyone kept saying the showmance stuff, but it's, like, y'all disappear all the time. Just own it, you know? Love is beautiful. Why hide it?"


"I'm not a jealous man," he added. "I made it very apparent to Alyssa and she's made it apparent to me that we are attracted to one another. And she said that I was her ideal physical and mental type, as far as personality is concerned."