'Big Brother 25' Episode 20 Recap: Jared and Cory's Huge Fight Splits the House

Big Brother just aired an epic fight between Jared and Cory as the former allies split the house over accusations of deception.

It's going DOWN in the Big Brother house as Jared and Cory draw lines in the sand that put an end to their alliance and turn the whole house into a battleground just in time for the wall comp. Hang on tight you guys, these new nominations could be the end of the line. Such an intense one — let's get into Episode 20 of BB25!

We pick up after Izzy was voted out 8-1, with only Cirie throwing her a sympathy vote, and we get to travel back in time to just hours before the eviction when the slop really hit the fan between Cory and Jared. Getting a sketchy vibe from Matt and Cory the morning of the eviction, Cirie enlists her son to do a little recon with Matt to see if there was a plan to flip the house on Izzy. 

And what is Jared if not tactful and subtle? He lies to Matt, telling him that Jag is saying they should be keeping Felicia and that it was Matt's idea. Jared pulls in Cirie and Cory to make sure everyone is on board to keep Izzy, but after Jared and Cirie leave, Cory figures out that Jared must have been lying and throwing Jag under the bus to get info. 

So it's time to set the record straight – with a whole lot of yelling. Jared doubles down that it's Jag who is the liar, and that his For Real, For Real alliance that includes Cory and America is the fake one, NOT 7 Deadly Sins, despite all evidence to the contrary. Jared's ticked that Cory is calling him out for lying, but Cory isn't backing down, pointing out all the times Jared has been at the center of a lie in the house.

He even brings in Jag, who is trailed by Cirie, who is like, 'What in the hell is happening?' Jag denies telling Jared that Matt and Cory were flipping on Izzy, and Jared says Matt must have misunderstood him – which you can see turns Matt on Jared. Jared says he only maybe angled a different version of the truth so he could catch that rat Cory in a lie, but no one is buying it.

Even Cirie's mist over the house seems to be dissipating. She tries to downplay the importance of different alliances in the house, pointing out how many of them there are and how few are actually real, but Cory calls her out – pointing out that she's the one who is in all of them! 

And suddenly, after running the game for weeks, Cirie and Jared are on the outside of power. This makes the wall comp EXTRA important – Jared and Cirie really need HOH, and so do Cory, America, Jag and Matt. That slop must have taken a toll though, because these houseguests folded like cardboard Josh Duhamel until Jared was the last one standing. And the response shows exactly where everyone stands.

Meanwhile, Cameron's been sitting back on the heels of his chaotic and successful HOH, and he's praying that the whole Cory/Jared fight is going to take the heat off of him this week. But don't worry, Cirie and Jared haven't forgotten about you, Cam! They want justice for Izzy, and they plan to backdoor Cam to get it.

Smart to keep him out of the veto – Cam is the king of winning something when he really needs to … unlike Cory and America, who end up on the block as Jared's initial nominees. But AmeriCory isn't going down without a fight. They need a veto win, but can they finally put their money where their mouths are?? We're going to have to see how this all shakes out in Wednesday's episode!