'Big Brother' Season 21: Jack Matthews Eliminated From House Following Season Full of Controversy

After a week in which she claimed both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions, Jessica Milagros just had to sit back and let the rest of the house work it out when it came to Thursday's live eviction show that pitted Jack Matthews against Jackson Michie.

Dubbed the alpha males of the Big Brother house, Milagros gained a lot of respect from fans of the show for being able to knock out one of the strongest competitors. In this instance, it wound up being Matthews who found himself on the wrong side of the vote and the first member of the jury house.

"We six should have made it to the end without any flaws," Matthews said in a room filled of the original Six Shooters minus Michie. "I made a flaw. It's the bed I lay on."

After a back-and-forth between the fractured alliance, Michie voiced his frustration with Christie Murphy, essentially coming to a point where he wasn't going to waste his time campaigning for votes from her, Tommy Bracco or Analyse Talavera.

Meanwhile, Matthews worked his tail off trying to secure five votes to stay, knowing he likely had three locked up between Murphy, Bracco and his showmance, Talavera. He made some strong offers to a few members outside his alliance, including Nick Maccarone and Cliff Hogg III, but ultimately, the deals weren't enough.

At the ceremony, Matthews, who seemed to know his fate, gave a speech in which he spoke about his closest allies and went on to complement the rest of the houseguests. Michie gave a shout out to his family and reiterated his loyalty to the room.

Matthews went home by a vote of 6-2 with Murphy and Talavera being the two votes to eliminate Michie.

Following his eviction, host Julie Chen-Moonves asked him about his betrayal to Michie, "It happened so fast… looking back I probably should have trusted Jackson. I made a decision at the beginning to live and die by trusting Christie and Tommy."

Matthews' exit from the show comes as a welcomed sight to fans of the show. There was even a hashtag trending for his "eviction party." He frequently had his name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Fans called him out for racist remarks towards multiple houseguests, even starting a petition at one point. He also made a "rice pudding" joke towards Isabella Wang.

All of this, for the most part, occurred on the live feeds and never made it onto the hour-long shows. This sparked an outcry from fans as they claimed CBS was giving him "a good guy edit."

Matthews came into a rude awakening when the show decided to show a few of his lowest moments of the season in which he made a handful of rude remarks towards former houseguest, Kemi Fakuni. The "rice pudding" comment was also brought up in the segment.

He sat down and watched the clips with a blank stare as he realized what the fans were seeing from him all season.

At the conclusion of the episode, the Head of Household competition took place. It featured houseguests going one at a time, pushing themselves down "rapids" on a kayak with the winning person being the closest to finish at nine seconds, whether it was above or below.


Bracco, who was celebrating his birthday, won his first competition and will be the man in charge for the upcoming week after finishing with a time of 8.90. Talavera fell just 0.04 seconds shy of Bracco.

Big Brother will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.