'Big Brother 14' Winner Ian Terry Has Some Strong Feelings About Newer Seasons

Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry has quite a lot to say about the newer seasons of the reality show. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Terry said that he isn't too fond of the newer seasons of the show, including the All-Star season that he was on. According to the winner, that has a lot to do with the overall vibe of the show in comparison to some of the earlier seasons. 

When asked about the Diary Room (or, the "DR") and the interviews that he took part in, Terry revealed that the energy that the houseguests bring to the DR is very different than the organic vibe that contestants brought in the show's early days. As a result, he thinks as though it has changed the overall tone of the show, and not for the better. He said, "I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of modern Big Brother, and a lot of that has to do with the Diary Room sessions. Nothing beats that organic feeling of the Diary Room sessions from the earliest of seasons." Even though he doesn't like the manufactured feel that some DR sessions have, he did say that the production team is "very professional and puts together a good show for their audience."

Due to his feelings on the current incarnation of Big Brother, Terry, who was once a big superfan, doesn't tune in to the show anymore. The former contestant said that the show is "too different from the show I grew up enjoying." He continued, "BB19 was the final straw for me — I pulled the plug a few weeks in, watched the finale, and never watched another episode. I didn't intend to watch the following Celebrity season, but did when I got invited to be interviewed on stage with a handful of other winners." He mentioned that he was going to give Big Brother 20 a shot, but ended up not watching after reading up on it. Between his waning feelings for both Big Brother and Survivor, Terry said that he basically "just grew out of the genre altogether."

Still, Terry does have some advice for how Big Brother can get back to its heyday. EW asked him what he would change to the reality show if he could, and he suggested, "I wish the show took itself more seriously at times. It's a great game, but a lot of my friends were turned off by how silly it was." Fans will have to see if Big Brother takes Terry up on that advice when its 24th season premieres on Wednesday, July 6 on CBS.